10 Best Chinese ​Movies Streaming ​Services 2023 

Best Chinese ​Movies Streaming

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Gone ​are the ​​days when ​TV ​channels and ​​movie theaters ​were ​the only ​​sources of ​entertainment. ​Streaming services ​​have revolutionized ​the ​entertainment industry, ​​allowing users ​to ​watch their ​​favorite movies ​and ​TV shows ​​anywhere, anytime. ​Among ​the various ​​streaming services, ​Chinese ​streaming services ​​have gained ​significant ​traction in ​the market. In ​this blog ​post, we discuss ​the best ​Chinese moving streaming ​services.

List Of The 10 Best ​Chinese Movies Streaming ​Services 

  1. Duboku
  2. ​Ifvod
  3. Mangguo tv
  4. ​Dandanzan
  5. 14tv
  6. ​Douban
  7. Pangzitv
  8. Mgtv
  9. ​Guazitv
  10. Haitu

When you’re searching ​for the ​top platforms to ​watch Chinese ​movies and TV ​shows online. ​You’ve come to ​the right ​place! We have ​compiled an ​ultimate list of ​websites that ​cater to your ​needs. Whether ​you want to ​practice your ​Mandarin or immerse ​yourself in ​Chinese entertainment. These ​platforms offer ​everything you want. ​Don’t worry. ​We’ve got you ​covered!

Duboku ​- Top Chinese ​movie streaming ​service

Let’s start ​with Duboku- ​a reputable service ​offering various ​TV shows and ​movies from ​multiple countries. From ​the latest ​Chinese dramas to ​American series, ​Korean dramas, and ​even Hong ​Kong and Taiwanese ​dramas, Duboku ​has it. It ​also provides ​a range of ​variety shows ​and anime for ​entertainment enthusiasts.

​One of the ​key features ​of Duboku is ​its high-definition ​streaming service. Watching ​their favorite ​shows is therefore ​made more ​enjoyable with exceptional ​picture quality. ​The platform is ​best for ​its extensive collection. ​It features ​popular variety shows ​and anime. ​It’s worth mentioning ​that Duboku. ​Tv has received ​positive feedback. ​It considers one ​of the ​most legitimate and ​secure websites, ​according to ScamAdviser.

IFVOD – ​Chinese streaming platform

​IFVOD TV ​is a Chinese ​website that ​has gained global ​popularity. This ​offers a vast ​collection of ​Chinese television series ​and movies. ​With over 900 ​options available, ​users can now ​enjoy their ​favorite shows and ​films from ​anywhere worldwide. Unlike ​many other ​streaming TV services, ​IFVOD does ​not need a ​subscription. It ​makes it accessible ​to all. ​The website supports ​multiple languages. ​It allows its ​users to ​enjoy the content ​in English ​even if they ​don’t understand ​Chinese.

Compatible with ​Android and ​iOS, IFVOD offers ​a user-friendly ​interface granting users ​access to ​a wide range ​of video ​content. From well-known ​titles to ​hidden gems, there ​is something ​for everyone. Most ​titles come ​with English subtitles. ​That allows ​non-Chinese speakers to ​enjoy the ​experience fully. Even ​without internet ​access, you can ​still download ​movies to watch ​later. It’s ​as simple and ​cost-effective as ​that!

Mangguo TV:

​Mangguo TV, ​a highly regarded ​streaming service ​in China, provides ​a diverse ​selection of Chinese ​movies. Users ​can effortlessly discover ​films tailored ​to their interests ​through intuitive ​search features and ​personalized recommendations. ​In addition, Mangguo ​TV offers ​a premium subscription ​plan for ​an ad-free experience, ​ensuring uninterrupted ​enjoyment of their ​extensive movie ​collection.

This popular ​Chinese streaming ​platform provides various ​entertainment content. ​That is from ​movies to ​dramas to documentaries. ​Mangguo TV ​has over 400 ​million registered ​users, and its ​library contains ​over 300,000 hours ​of video ​content. With more ​than 2 ​million new videos ​added each ​year. In 2023, ​Mangguo TV ​exceeds its growth ​trajectory, expanding. It’s ​a content ​library for international ​audiences, enhancing ​its features and ​capabilities.

Dandanzan.net: ​Chinese streaming service

​Dandanzan is ​a specialized streaming ​platform offering ​a wide range ​of Chinese ​movies. It encompasses ​popular and ​lesser-known titles. Users ​can explore ​and uncover new ​movies with ​its user-friendly interface ​and intuitive ​design. Additionally, Dandanzan ​provides English ​subtitles to ensure ​an inclusive ​viewing experience.

It’s ​a prominent ​streaming service in ​China known ​for its focus ​on short ​videos. The platform ​has over ​500 million users, ​mainly from ​China’s Gen Z ​population. Dandanzan ​is rapidly gaining ​popularity globally, ​especially in Southeast ​Asia. In ​2023, Dandanzan expects ​to continue ​its growth, focusing ​on international ​expansion—developing new content ​formats to ​attract a diverse ​global audience.

​14tv- Movies Streaming ​Platform

14TV ​is a highly ​regarded streaming ​service specializing in ​Chinese movies ​and TV shows. ​Offering an ​extensive content library, ​users can ​effortlessly discover their ​favorite movies ​or explore exciting ​new genres. ​

Additionally, 14TV provides ​the convenience ​of downloading movies ​for offline ​viewing, catering to ​users on ​the move. ​The platform ​has over 50 ​million users ​and stands out ​for its ​quality and informative ​content.


​Douban, an entertainment-focused ​social media ​platform, has also ​entered the ​streaming market, providing ​a diverse ​range of movies, ​TV shows, ​and web series. ​Douban is ​primarily known for ​its user-generated ​content, That enhances ​its credibility ​and authority among ​its users. ​In 2023, Douban ​expects to ​increase its focus ​on original ​content. Also, growing ​its reach ​to international audiences.


Pangzitv ​provides an extensive ​collection of ​Chinese films. It ​caters to ​movie lovers of ​all preferences. ​With timeless classics ​and the latest ​releases, users ​can explore a ​wide range ​of options on ​the platform. ​Thanks to its ​powerful search ​functionality and user-friendly ​interface. It ​makes finding ​preferred movies ​a breeze.

Additionally, ​Pangzitv offers ​a VIP membership ​that grants ​early access to ​new releases ​and exclusive benefits. ​Choose Pangzitv ​to delve into ​the exciting ​world of Chinese ​cinema.

The ​platform has over ​60 million ​users. It emerged ​as a ​dominant force in ​the live-streaming ​market. In 2023, ​Pangzitv expects ​to expand its ​reach to ​other markets. Icludingincluding ​North America ​and Europe. Offer ​more diverse ​and high-quality live ​content.


​One of the ​top players ​in the streaming ​market, Mgtv ​offers an extensive ​selection of ​Chinese movies and ​TV shows. ​Its user-friendly interface ​and personalized ​recommendations make it ​easy for ​users to discover ​content based ​on their preferences. ​Additionally, Mgtv ​provides a premium ​subscription option ​for an enhanced ​viewing experience.

​This streaming platform, ​owned by ​Mango TV, has ​over 140 ​million monthly active ​users. The ​platform primarily offers ​TV dramas, ​variety shows, and ​movies. In ​2023, Mgtv expects ​to continue ​its growth trajectory, ​introducing new ​features such as ​VR and ​360-degree video, focusing ​on the ​international market, and ​competing with ​global players such ​as Netflix ​and Amazon Prime ​Video.


With a focus ​on Chinese ​movies and TV ​dramas, Guazitv ​offers a vast ​content library ​across various genres. ​Users can ​explore and find ​movies that ​align with their ​tastes. The ​platform boasts a ​user-friendly interface ​and supports seamless ​streaming on ​different devices.

This ​movie streaming ​platform is best ​for its ​comedic and entertaining ​content. In ​2023, Guazitv expandsits content ​offerings, invests in ​original productions, ​and increases its ​international user ​base.

Haitu TV:

Rising ​in popularity, ​Haitu provides a ​unique collection ​of Chinese movies ​and documentaries. ​It captivates users ​with a ​visually appealing interface ​and carefully ​curated content. Haitu ​also offers ​a user-friendly search ​feature, ensuring ​users can easily ​find the ​desired movies.

Finally, ​Haitu, a ​relatively new streaming ​platform in ​China, has entered ​the market, ​focusing on documentaries ​and lifestyle ​content. It aims ​to provide ​a diverse range ​of informative ​and entertaining content. ​In 2023, ​Haitu expects to ​continue its ​growth. To develop ​new content ​categories and invest ​in high-quality ​productions to attract ​a broader ​range of audiences.


The ​Chinese streaming market ​is evolving ​at a breakneck ​pace, with ​new players entering ​the market. ​Mangguo TV, Dandanzan, ​14TV, Douban, ​Pangzitv, Mgtv, Guazitv, ​and Haitu ​are some of ​the big ​names in the ​industry expected ​to shape the ​future of ​Chinese streaming services ​in 2023. ​With their focus ​on international ​expansion, investment in ​high-quality productions, ​and the development ​of new ​content formats, these ​platforms are ​set to take ​the Chinese ​entertainment industry to ​greater heights ​in the coming ​years.


​Are these streaming ​services available ​outside of China? 

​Yes, most ​of the mentioned ​streaming services ​have expanded their ​availability beyond ​China and exceed ​in other ​countries.

Can I ​watch English-subtitled ​Chinese movies on ​these platforms? 

​Certainly! Many of ​these streaming ​services offer English ​subtitles for ​non-Chinese speakers. Making ​Chinese movies ​more accessible to ​a broader ​audience.

Are these ​services free, ​or do they ​need a ​subscription? 

While some ​services offer ​free content, you ​can access ​it without a ​subscription to ​their full range ​of movies ​and extra features.

​Can I ​download movies for ​offline viewing? 

​Yes, some streaming ​services allow ​downloading movies for ​offline viewing. ​Yet, this feature ​may vary ​among platforms. So ​checking the ​specific service’s capabilities ​is best.

​Are these streaming ​platforms available ​on multiple devices? 

​Yes, all ​the mentioned platforms ​are compatible ​with multiple devices. ​Like smartphones, ​tablets, smart TVs, ​and computers. ​They ensure flexibility ​and convenience ​for users.


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